I’ve done many presentations of my experience as a mother, my books, including giving insight into my dog program. I have appeared at small and large audiences within the UK and Internationally, including radio, written articles for newspapers and popular magazine’s. I have also done television appearances when autism was the topic.


Consultancy conference so far has been varied and well received.  One memorable congress I presented at in March 2012, was the first International Congress of Health Professionals in Animal-Assisted Interventions and Medical Alert Dogs. It was held in the historic city Lleida Spain, about 150 miles from Barcelona. I was privileged to learn what was innovative Internationally to collaborate work with others.


This March I was invited to … The National Autistic Society’s Professional Conference, to be interviewed regarding my books and dog program. I set up a powerpoint of related photographs to compliment the interviews questions, so the audience got maximum benefit from the talk. The interview was followed by a Q&A session, that the audience embraced. Afterwords, I was approached by many delegates saying how much they enjoyed my talk and how interesting they found it. One delegate who presented themselves at the conference called Dr Glenys Jones, a highly respected Chartered Psychologist and autism researcher, complimented me saying my interview, practice and standard of work with autism and dogs was superb and very informative. I was naturally pleased and reassured to hear this from Dr Jones, whose expertise and work I admire.


I am presenting at the Autism Show in Manchester on Saturday 28th June.


In August a parent in Bournemouth who sought my help to assist him to advocate towards a diagnosis for his son, is organising a big consultancy event for me; to present my work to parents and professionals in their area. I have found this type of consultancy work, is the best way to help parents access my work and knowledge to maximum benefit to all that attend.


One aspect of my consultancy work I really enjoy is… one to one mentoring for families.


I can help support families with many aspects related to autism. Advocacy advice on a personal and practical level in all areas concerning, diagnosis, education and general support.


The lovely testimonial received from Jenny MacGillvery together with the progress her son is making, makes this type of work so rewarding for me.


I would like to expand this aspect of my work by offering my one to one service childminding for respite or special social occasions for families who need experienced hands to help their child with autism access family holidays or special occasions like family weddings.


I understand parents don’t want to exclude their children for these occasions but have no option due to not having the one to one support I can offer.


The Family Fund or Take A Break Scotland would support such applications where I could mentor a child to be included is a family occasion or have a holiday with their family.


My consultancy work would not be complete without ensuring the dog program manual is accessible to all who want to use it to replicate the success that many others have enjoyed. I would also be available to support families through the program process.